We are infamous.at ...


... an art group created in Vienna, Austria, in 2010.
We're currently working on various video and music productions in France, Austria and Germany.

In spring 2018 we shot our first full lengh feature film, which is a huge step for a small and independent group of people like us. It was the perfect time to get nostalgic.
Looking back on all the projects we've done so far, we realised we've actually never produced proper showreels to present the full span of our creative work. If you wanted to see what we were doing, you had to skip through this homepage video by video like grandpa did on his slide projector.

The first video you can see up here is an overview of all kinds of work we did since our creation in 2010. If you scroll down, you can see more specific showreels of our members or single topics. 


Our story began ...


... in 2010, while we were driving home from Maxfirst video shooting in Vienna. Georg came up with the idea to create an art group, so we could hide behind a big name whilst doing small non budget projects. Schorsch first asked Max' cameraman, Andreas and his producer, Stefanie, if they would join his team. A moment later he briefly added: "If you want, Max, you can join us too.".

A few days later Jason and Sebastian joined the team and so a bunch of people calling themselfs "infamous" met every friday at Schikaneder in Vienna drinking Frucade, whilst planning video and music projects for the art groups "infamous pictures" and "infamous records". Expectations were high, but during the first months nothing really happened. Half a year later Georg and Max were the only ones left in our team. Max decided to try his luck anyway and created a film production company named "infamous pictures", which he's running to this day.

Being nostalgic Max also created the record label "infamous records" in 2017.
The first band he signed was Georgs project Old Mrs. Bates.




director / producer


download Max' showreel

Most of the video clips, documentaries and feature films you can find online are collective projects. In order to do your own videos, you need help from many people. You need good contacts to find locations, equipment, cars, actors and a motivated team actually working on your film sets.
When Max moved to Vienna, he knew absolutely nobody in the industry - not even a friend of a friend who might know someone who knows someone. As Max didn't want to study or work in any other business, he decided to join every possible film set, screening and premiere party he could find online, so he could get in contact with others starting their career in the film industry.

The infamous (ajd.) production of the shortfilm Blackstory was a jackpot. Working there as a production assistant Max met Georg, Stefanie and some actors for his very first video production in Vienna.

Today Max is the head of the art group infamous.at, working as a director on bigger commercial projects and doing more than 20 video clip projects and or documentaries a year in his sparetime.



d.o.p. / editor


download Georg's showreel

Besides working as a camera man on bigger corporate videos and editing TV documentaries, Georg always was a passionate musician. He was the one kid with long hair already writing songs and playing concerts when he was a teenager. Together with Valentin he created the rock band Old Mrs. Bates, which is his current creative outlet.

One of Georgs first band projects was called "infamous" as well. It consisted of two men (himself and his friend and the former infamous records member Jason) spending their sparetime touring on the streets of nothern europe at that time with a branded VW and 2 guitars .
Naming our art group after his band first was a provisional solution, because we just had no better idea. Later on we sticked to it, because we had the impression that it fits.

Especially in Austria people often tend to believe the word "infamous" is the opposite of "famous". People contact us on a quite regular basis when they find out it doesn't. "Hey, did you know that infamous actually means ..."



director / d.o.p.


download Felix' showreel

Georg and Max met on the shooting of the shortfilm Blackstory, where Max worked as a PA (which is actually driving actors from A to B, preparing food and drying up the street with paper towels several times after it rained). They met Stefanie there as well. Max only talked to Georg, because he looked exactly like a friend from highschool. As he was new in town and didn't have any friends yet, Max directly asked Georg if he wants to join him for a video project.
Georg responded "Let's party first. If we get along well, we may work on a video together.".

When infamous started about half a year later we were six people. But four left the group very early. Instead of looking for replacements, Georg and Max decided to stay just the two of them, because they thought that things might start off easier like this.

And then Schorsch met Felix - a highly organised and easygoing talent, who joined us for every project possible later on, naturally becoming a part of our family.


... MORE TO COME ...


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