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Rafael, the nicely dressed ladyboy keyboarder in this video, is also Rafael, the stand up comedian from GERAFI. Max met him during a film festival years ago where they decided to make funny video projects together. They did like 4 or 5 of them until they got bored of laughing about their own jokes and so they split up and both of them followed their artistic careers on their own. 

2015 Rafael and 3 other Austrian guys (Seppo, Gabriel and Lukas?), who he met during their musical studies in Vienna, founded the anti punk rock group ZAPP GALURA.
A year later they released FLICK, which is written like this to make people think they actually called their album FUCK (so smart). On this album there are 3 cool and 3 weird songs. MONEYBITCH is one of them.

On the 30th of december 2015 at 6:42 PM Rafael decided for whatever resons to send an email to Max including the song and a short comment:

"Hey Max, I hope you're doing fine. Listen to this song. I want you to make a video for it. I have money."

Max answered something like:

"Suck my dick."

and then he laughed for the next two days everytime he remembered this conversation. Sometimes it's so nice to be childish. And it was a private message, so who cares? They're good friends and they know each other for a while now.

Rafael didn't answer anymore. Max decided to write a second email, which was a bit more serious than the first one, saying that he is interessted in producing a video for this song. Actually he didn't want to but he felt obliged to write something positive, because he was afraid that Rafael is mad at him.

The project MONEYBITCH was started. It was shot in one day, edited the day after and then Rafael - knowing the music business - waited more than a year before realeasing it.


If you're interessted in a more detailed versoin of the story, just write us an email or leave a voice message on one of the two phone numbers below.


Our crew wants to thank:


Filmgeräteverleih Dopplinger

Autovermietung Flott

Selina Ströbele

Zora Adamovic

Valerie Schmeiser

Lukas Deutsch

Ernst Peter

Olga Girardoni

Roberto Gruber

Fabrice Girardoni


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The first video we did for ZAPP GALURA was as professional as Moneybitch if not even 100 times more professional:


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