MAIN-D’ŒUVRE is a documentary about the history and all day life of a french banlieue called "Les Minguettes" by an unnamed artist, who wrote, produced and financed this project together with Adrien Bourguignon.

MAIN-D’ŒUVRE (=handcraft) was initiated in 2010 and then going a long way before being published online. Shooting this documentary took about 6 weeks spread peu à peu over more or less 3 years with a team of artists coming together from France, Austria and Switzerland. First it was supposed to be a series of 5 minutes portraits about different characters living in this french banlieue talking about their life, politics and their opinion about the future of french banlieues.

After premiering the first two episodes at the 2014 Biennale of contemporary art in Lyon the director wasn't happy with the editing anymore. In order to make it a one piece 20 minutes long documentary, the whole project was reedited from A to Z and given a complete new color style. Before releasing the project on his personal Vimeo channel he planned to air this newly shaped project on a propper online streaming plattform.

This was easier said than acutally done. After negotiations with several bigger plattforms, the director couldn't get a contract he was happy with at all. Most of the plattforms he was in contact with were interessted in the project, didn't want to pay for it but wanted to brand it with their sponsores commercials or logos. Maybe this was a trigger for the director then asking his editor for removing his name from the project and he leaving all the rights to the co-producer, Adrien Bourguignon, in order to move on to other projects he was working on. 

Eversince the project was never heard or seen again. This was sad. It was the first international cooperation and we really loved the result, so we never stopped asking if we could just publish it ourselves, so it won't stay on a harddrive forever. Attempting one last time to reach video plattforms, who could be interessted in publishing our project, Adrien sent out emails and called fellow producers in 2017 again without any success. The project now wasn't recent enough anymore.

In may 2018 he finally gave us the green light to publish MAIN-D’ŒUVRE ourselves.

It's not the only project we did since creating in 2010, which never actually got published. Sometimes it's happening because producers get in a fight about contracts. Sometimes because a director doesn't like his own work anymore. I think it's always worth trying to release your project afterwoods - eventhough it might feel old already. MAIN-D’ŒUVRE was my first camera project. And I can still say I'm super proud of it.

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