Super Bock

This Super Bock Commercial was our very first idea when we arrived in Espinho for the FEST. We just didn't know at the beginning that it will be a beer commercial. We shot it in about 20 minutes of work and had so much fun that all the other commercials just had to be done.

"FEST 2013 Festival - NOVOS CINEASTAS, NOVO CINEMA" is the name of a filmfestival happening every year in Espinho (The "E" is silent), Portugal. Hundrets of filmmakers from all across the world gather there not only to watch new films and connect but also to attend the great workshops this festival is offering. This year we were lucky to be included into FEST with a KinoKabaret. We've been there to engage filmmakers to make their own movies directly on location with the help of each other. These Super Bock commercials are some examples of what happened. Have fun watching and feel free sharing them with your friends.

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