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Max Hammel

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Max Hammel is a video director / producer based in Vienna (Austria). As head of the artist collective he worked on more than 250 national and international projects (mainly in France, Germany and Austria).

Born in 1990 in Gmunden, AUT
2009 Higher School Certificate in Schärding, AUT
2010 Creation of "infamous pictures e.U.", film production company
2015 Master Degree in "Feature Film Scenario", ESEC Paris, FRA
2016 Creation of "infamous records", music label



Latest commercial projects as director


ALDI Swiss

DIY online video campaign
produced by VICE Austria


Online video campaign for the companies rebranding
produced by VICE Austria


"McCoins" online video campaign
produced by VICE Austria


"Schirmespannen" / "Eierfärben" online video campaigns
produced by VICE Austria


"Genussmomente" online video campaign
produced by VICE Austria

T-Mobile Austria

"McDonald's Dienstag" online video campaign
produced by VICE Austria

Vienna Chamber of Commerce

online and outdoor video campaign with testimonial Conchita Wurst
produced by Mindworker


"Unser Niederösterreich" online video campaign
produced by PPM Films, agency: Jung von Matt / Papa Bogner

G!LT - Liste Roland Düringer

Campaigne Ad production for Austrian political party
produced by Philipp Schmidt


Latest projects as video artist


Volkstheater Wien

"Leseprobe" directed by Anja Herden
"Der Kaufmann von Venedig" directed by Anna Badora
"Philoktet" directed by Calle Fuhr
"Kasimir und Karoline" directed by Philipp Preuss

Käptn Peng

Live video production
WUK, Vienna 2017


Documentary cinematography
"Erbe Österreich" directed by Christian Papke
"Kultort Wörthersee" directed by Christian Papke

Young Lions Cannes

film competition 2017 with Teresa Pentzold (Virtue)
film competition 2018 with Jonas Weber

Christopher Seiler / Turbobier

"Insel muss Insel bleiben" video clip

Michael Häupl / Marco Pogo

Turbobier Irokesentango PR Stunt


Projects involving Max Hammel

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