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MAMA STONE & THE SWANG GANG is a french band, that released their first album HOWL&OWL in December 2015.
Unlike most recordings nowadays they did the entire album in one take, just as if it was a live concert. This authenticity and heart felt edges add to the character of their record.

Shooting MOTHERMOON we mimiced this approach by doing a 13 minutes one shot. Just like on a live concert, recording a long contunius sequence produces more original results. The shooting took place during the sunset of a real fullmoon night, so we only had one single chance to record what we had rehearsed for days. Without a doubt this was one of the most adrenalin driven projects we all did so far.

This was Rock'n'Roll.


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Electronic Church (live)


Beim Swedish International Filmfestival haben wir's mit MOTHERMOON ins Semifinale geschafft.

Irgendwie sehr nett, dass sich der Vollmond genau zur Kinopremiere von MOTHERMOON gezeigt hat! Das Screening ist sehr gut gelaufen und die darauf folgende Party dementsprechend auch ... wir freuen uns sehr und bedanken uns herzlichst bei allen, die dabei waren!

End of November we did the most spontaneous and crazy project of our careers. Stoked to show it to you people out there.